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A List Of Powerful Writing Ideas For A Profile Essay

A good profile essay will provide the reader with a unique portrait of a place, person, organization or event. Not only is it comprehensive and sensory in nature, it presents a balanced perspective, capturing the details that allow readers to feel as if they really understand the subject. A profile essay offers more literary freedom than regular essays. However, it is still necessary to plan thoroughly, organize carefully and ensure that the facts are all present.

  • Importance of Planning Ahead
  • You should first pick a specific topic and then think about what you already know about the subject. See what you can determine through preliminary research. Compiling these details together helps you form a better idea of what you are not already familiar with and need to understand at the event or during the interview. In-depth background research is essential. Always try to secure as much information as possible. When you notice any gaps in your details, make note of them as questions to be asked.

  • Be Objective in Your Outlook
  • Even if you are dealing with a subject that you are not fond of, you should put your personal feelings aside like any good writer. Preconceived notions and strong emotions tend to bling you to important details and facts. When interviewing a person, you should always give the interviewee an idea regarding the type of questions you will be asking. While attending an event, ensure that the organizers are the first to receive the preliminary details and find out what aspects they consider the most important.

  • Do Not Hesitate to Dig Deep
  • A profile essay indicates a portrait rather than a reiteration of facts. You should be aware of every aspect of the subject you are covering in your essay. Understand the sensory details since they will give the reader a unique feel as if they are present at the event or with the interviewee in person. Make sure you jot down detailed notes. Even if you are profiling an event, check out the background details and interview some people who show up and get their opinions and comments about the presentation.

  • Writing Your Essay
  • Reviewing your notes will help you get the big picture but you should never exclude a paragraph in your essay containing the basic facts of who, what, where, when and why. Be sure to organize all of your facts and impressions in a logical and clear manner. Descriptions must be specific and detailed.

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