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The 15 Best Opinion Essay Topics For 5th-Grade Students

At the age of ten or eleven, a child in the 5th grade never ceases to explore things and possibilities around him/her. Several questions are now occupying his mind and sooner or later, he asks or searches for some answers. Here is a list of topics that he/she can write about:

  1. My loving and caring mother and how she misunderstands me.
  2. Why am I different with my other classmates in many ways?
  3. The bad things I learn when I am with my friends and how I feel about it.
  4. The things that make me cry or laugh even without reason.
  5. The kind of boys that I go with when I am in school.
  6. The mystery of having a long hair for girls and possessing a short hair for boys.
  7. What will I do if am lonely and I feel that other kids won’t accept me?
  8. Things that I hate about my father and my mother and how I go about it.
  9. The reasons why I don’t want to do my assignments
  10. The things that I don’t want to see and hear because I will easily be discouraged.
  11. The importance of having friends in school and how they will morally support you.
  12. The things that I will say or do if one of my classmates will force me to do something that I don’t want.
  13. The beautiful feeling of being noticed by beautiful girls.
  14. The things that I will do if I see that other kids in school are bullying other children.
  15. I need my father, mother and siblings more than the money I receive from them from time to time.

At this age, children may start showing a little bit of separation not only among the members of the family but also with his circle of friends. He wants to establish a personality of “I can do it alone…” especially if an urgent request is not granted immediately or if one of his classmates ignore the effort he is extending while trying to learn to dribble or shooting in a friendly basketball game. Parents may not notice every detail of what their kids are going through so it is very important to keep the communication lines open so that there will be a harmonious relationship between parents and their children.

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