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Hiroshima is a large city and is widely known for the fate that befell its people as a result of atomic bombing targeted on the town by the United States. The incident was one of the most unfortunate events to occur in the history of the world. History teaches about how life became difficult for the people of Hiroshima after the incident of nuclear bombing. The city of Hiroshima was given the city status in the year 1889. The city had been growing gradually with more businesses coming up in the city. However, the United States attacked Hiroshima with nuclear weapons in the year 1945 in August. This incident occurred with diverse effects that have implications for the people of Hiroshima to this date. The reasons that the United States gave for the attack could not and cannot be compared to the damage that occurred in Hiroshima. The United States wanted to maintain dominance over the Soviet Union by being the ones who dropped the nuclear weapons first. This was wrong. Targeting a city for dominance was ethically wrong. The United States also claimed that they wanted to test the weapons, how they work and the effects and impacts the weapon would have on the land.

Effects of Nuclear Attack on Hiroshima

The day the nuclear attack was done in Hiroshima will remain in the History. This is due to all he harmful affects the act had on the land and its people. The deaths that were from the incident of the nuclear attacks were over 140,000 people. More than half of these people died on the day of the attack. The rest died in the days, weeks and months that followed the attack. This was very painful. Many people suffered severe injuries and especially burns. Whereas some were able to survive, others died. The survivors also suffered health effects months and years after the nuclear attack on the land. The people lived in the fear of more attacks as they were unsure of what was ever going to happen next.

Hiroshima Years after the Nuclear Attacks

The city has been undergoing reconstruction after everything in the city was destroyed. The reconstruction has however taken years. The incident is however never forgotten. Memorials are held each year in commemoration and prayers for those who perished and the country. The leaders in Hiroshima advocate for the ban of use of nuclear weapons in the world.

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