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I Have A Dream: How To Find Proofread Essay Examples

Dreams may be the figments of nights but they actually shape your days. Everybody has a dream; but very few toil to make them come true. It is the labor of these precious few that makes people’s faith in dreams sustain. The ‘I have A Dream’ theme is quite popular and keeps throwing various paper works. Let’s take a look at places you can find the examples.

Autobiographies of luminaries

You may find proofread samples when you read between the lines of autobiographies of luminaries. They tend to reserve one chapter or one extract of their books on the dream segment, even if it is written in a non-prosaic form. The work is proofread and you only have to morph it into an essay.

Writings of motivational authors

You may get proofread samples in the works of motivational writers. Their work aims at charging and enlivening common people and they often do so by framing stories of how dreams were materialized. Again, you know that the work is well-composed, sharpened at the angles and lucidly written.

Effective online essay sites

You may find ‘I have a dream’ samples in many online essay sites, provided you place the correct keywords. You will get hold of many rags to riches stories written in delightful English. You will not only gain inspiration from the stories but also avail the compact writing style.

Libraries and Universities as sources

There are scores of samples of the subject available in Libraries and Universities. You have to go through the advanced essay books present here and cherry-pick the pieces of your desire. It helps if you become a member of one of the acclaimed libraries or even a digital library and get alerts through RSS feeds.

Essays crafted from diaries

You may even take the hint from people who write diaries and then proof-read their writings in systematic form. Most of their penned extracts cater to realization of dreams, especially if these people have achieved success in their respective fields.

Reflect on your own dreams

The best way is to actually make introspection about your dreams and dissect its sources; its possibilities and the way to capitalize on the dreams. You can then write them lucidly and in an organized form and get it proof-read by learned people. There is nothing better than taking a stock of your dreams in literary context.

It is your dream. Make the most of it – essay or no essay.

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