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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking involves rational thinking so as to analyze and gauge any information obtained before acting on it. It will, therefore, include skillful analyzes, conceptualizing, synthesizing, applying and evaluating of any available information to guide you into taking action. Critical Thinking has developed over many years into a rich concept that can be relied on for accurate decision-making process. It involves all aspects of reasoning and examination of information. It does not give room for assumptions and every alternative viewpoint critically examined basing on empirical grounds so as to arrive at the best conclusion that is best viable.

The procedure of critical thinking

Critical thinking starts with identifying the problem that needs to be solved through a workable mean. When solving a problem critically, you start by deciding on the preference and importance of the available issues. This leads to prioritization. Step two involves information gathering for the problem at hand. The information can be acquired through research. Once all facts have been laid out, it is important to move ahead to establish the unstated assumptions. The language and accuracy through which the information is presented should be clear and with no room for ambiguity. This will allow you to interpret all the information and data and understand how they support the arguments laid down. You need to check out on how relationships between propositions are built. Using all the available information and data, draw all the warranted generalizations and conclusions. Remember that you are not leaving anything to chance. You should, therefore, test for all the generalizations and conclusions you arrive at. Once you are sure of your conclusions, use them to lay down your beliefs and patterns basing them on the past experiences and the information you have. Correct judgment should always add some quality to daily life through solving the chosen problem. Critical thinking involves the use of correct judgment by coming up with great and best ideas.

Importance in Academics

Critical Thinking is important in academics because it involves close and careful examination of the acquired information. Through critical thinking and its structured way of thinking, students can analyze, explain and evaluate information thus reducing chances of errors. It simplifies and makes easy identifying propaganda, distortion, self-deception and misinformation thus reducing the chances of accepting and adopting wrong and misleading information. Critical thinking helps learners in assessment situations. They can be able to pinpoint the catch and go through the evaluation process with ease.

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