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Writing Solutions: How To Compose Strong Academic Essays

May 10, 2020Posted by Admin


No matter what kind of essay you are going to write or who your target audience is, the main purpose of your piece of work will be to impress your readers, to let them know and understand your point of view and show your sufficient knowledge of the subject. For your essay to serve these multiple goals, it must not only be well-written, but leave a powerful impression of itself. At first, try to follow these simple steps.



If you are writing a serious academic paper, you cannot just pick a piece of paper and start writing. You need to complete a very important work before there is the first word on that paper. You need to do your research, study related books, articles, magazines and websites. Gather facts and information you want to be in your paper. Don’t worry about having too many information at first – you can always let something aside later, but be selective – make sure that your information hundred percent fits in what you are about to say.

Writing introduction.


Some students prefer writing introductions after the main body is ready to know exactly where the thoughts will lead them. If you a just a beginner in writing, it will be a good idea if you a writing a paper on a free topic. If you already have some aspects to cover, the intro will help you think over and determine your course, which you will have to follow during the whole paper. Think about the thesis statement – it can just be the repetition of your topic, you have to bring to it something new, the way you are going to interpret your topic. Make sure it’s interesting and grabbing – you will want your readers engaged from the very first sentence of your paper.

Main Body.

The main few paragraphs or pages will be the place where you can show your full capacity and will have all the freedom in presenting your facts and opinions. You will have to combine found information with your own thoughts and try to prove your point, once given in the introduction. Select only your strongest evidence. Make sure the information is genuine and makes sense together with other information in your paper. Incorporate your data and quotes. Do not let them hang in the space of your paper, surround them with your own thoughts and interpretations. Let the words create a flow. Right, a flow and not just separate pieces of information. Connect your thoughts into a single long one.


The worst mistake you can make here is to repeat exactly what you said in the introduction or main body. Of course, you will use the same thoughts, but you can never use the same wordings for them. Give a brief summary of each body paragraph or part and explain how you were able to prove what you were stating from the very beginning. In the very end rewrite your thesis statement in a conclusive sentence.

See – there is nothing to be afraid of. When you just start, writing even a small paper may seem like an infinite process to you. But break the work into small pieces and it already does not seem that hard. Write detailed outlines, organize your information and you will not notice how you have half of your paper ready even before you start writing. Keep up in the same tempo and you’ll never have any problems with written assignments in your life!

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