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Media And Body Image

The impact of media today is immense and cannot be ignored. The media has a lot of effect on the body shape and size. Body imaging is very common in media today, and it creates many impressions. This has led to a lot of issues like low self-esteem and reduced confidence because of body shape and size. However, apart from media, there are many other factors that affect body image. Some of these factors include relationships, the level of education, parenting and origin at times. However, media has the most impact. In America, an average child is bound to be exposed to over 20,000 television commercials in one year. But television advertisements are not the only place to which we are exposed to advertisements. So you now agree with me that media is bound to influence body size and shape in a great way. Everything we watch is bound to have an effect on our lives. The impact is bound to be more on teenagers and children.

What is portrayed in Body Image Advertisements?

Most of the media advertisements are aimed at making us purchase goods. These ads will, therefore, be produced to look perfect. Many people will believe information on these ads and want to identify with them. Cloth designers in America have disclosed that they like to use thin models in advertisements because clothes look good on thin models. They also disclosed that some printed advertisement ads are touched up. This is to disguise any flaws leaving the printout looking perfect. Sometimes the models will be made to look thinner than they are. Therefore image advertising may not always contain real looks as of the people they are intended for.

Effects of media body image

The advertisement ads show bodies that do not represent the general population. The body sizes are not realistic, and this has far-reaching effects on the general population. Many people recognize and can tell when ads are telling are a lie but will still go ahead and believe them. This brings confusion, and it may lead to other actions that may affect the way of life. Many people and especially children and ladies will long to look like the people on advertisements ads. They will change their eating habits, and before they know it, they have eating disorders. It may also create depression and anxiety that may end up affecting one’s life in a major way. It is, therefore, paramount to be careful of what you infer from media body images. Sometimes it is wise to limit the exposure of children to media advertisement. It is also vital to call advertisers and raise concerns about media imaging.

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