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Writing Tips: What Is The First Part Of A Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is an academic paper where the author should take several facts and gather them together in order to support an argument or explain an idea. As with any other essay types, the first part of a synthesis paper is an introduction. Without a good opening paragraph, your essay won’t get a lot of attention and you’ll earn a low score. Read this article and learn some vitals tips to write a great introduction.

  1. Compose your introduction in the last turn.
  2. Since your opening paragraph should briefly describe the contents of your paper, you should exactly know what they are. It’s advisable to complete your body paragraphs first so that you can write a relevant introduction later.

  3. Start it with a hook.
  4. To make people read your paper you’ll need something to attract their attention. A hook is a sentence that provides your audience with the interesting information related to your topic. This might be a fact, quotation, statistics, or even anecdote.

  5. Continue with some background information.
  6. To introduce your topic properly, you should present some basic information about it that will help your readers understand everything stated in the following paragraphs. However, don’t start with the most basic things. Your audience may not be experts in your topic, but they should be educated enough to know something about it.

  7. List your goals.
  8. The next step is to raise questions that should be answered or problems that should be solved. Write briefly about what your readers should expect from your body paragraphs and why you think it’s important to research this topic.

  9. State your thesis.
  10. You should end your opening paragraph with a strong thesis statement that is relevant to your arguments.

If you have difficulties with composing your introduction or other parts of an essay, you should approach people who can provide you with help. First of all, consult your teacher on how to improve your writing skills. You may also go to your classmates who earn good or excellent grades for completing academic assignments for advice.

The last option that you have is to hire an academic writing service to write an essay for you. This won’t be free of charge, but the quality of their papers is very high. You may even select a particular writer to work on your task. On this website, you may contact a professional and reliable essay writing company, so if this option is acceptable to you, you should check it out.

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