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Coming Up With The Most Inspiring Essay Topics: Helpful Hints

Know your subject

Always understand your subject before you start attempting it. This is very critical because you need to develop a clear understanding and have enough knowledge about the subject you are addressing. Sometimes the subject has special terminologies, important concepts, jargons, and formulae that need attention. You need to develop a very clear and basic understanding of what the subject aims to do and achieve.

Divide your subject into easy categories

Choose an area of interest

Look at the flow chart diagram or the list you used to divide your subject. Choose an area that you are most passionate about and write your topic on it

Find your niche to address

You cannot address the entire area in your paper or it will be too lengthy or out of scope. You need to find a potential gap by conducting some background research and performing literature analysis on your area to find your niche

Brainstorm for fresh ideas

The best idea to come up with fresh topics is to brainstorm. Remember that the first few ideas that come to your mind about the immediate subject will be common and you need to ignore them if you want a unique topic

Eliminate the ideas you do not need

Elimination is an effective strategy to save time and reduce your efforts. You do not have to interrupt yourself during the brainstorming so there might be irrelevant, repetitive, or illogical ideas. Go ahead and delete whatever you think is unnecessary in your list and have a refined number of options

Find relevant data

You will need to develop your major arguments for each topic and choose the ones that have at least three strong arguments. The data you need to support your major argument needs to be authenticated, valid, recent, and available. Ideally, each major argument needs to have three or more supporting points in your body. These could be factual, logical, or statistical points

Edit and rephrase your final topic

When you have the topic, you want to move ahead with, take a moment to review it. Try using different sentence structures and re-arrange the topic several times to make it catchier and engaging. It should sound curious and unique so that readers want to know more about your subject. Never compromise with a typo, jargon, spelling or major blunders in your topic because it is the face of your essay

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