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Comparison Of Divided Korea

The difference of lifestyle between North Korea and South Korea is vast. While we often hear about the bad side of North Korea, there are actually some benefits to living there. This essay will explore some of the good parts of living in North Korea, as well as those aspects that are present in South Korea which are not present in North Korea. At the end we will see which one is better accustomed to our own culture.

Benefits of living in North Korea

One benefit to North Korea is that the government puts a high value on education. Everything is geared towards the betterment of people in that their minds are stimulated and educated on many topics. There is also a sense of camaraderie in North Korea that is hard to beat. People are very close with each other and do not hesitate to help out wherever needed. One other benefit to North Korea is that there is so little crime compared to many countries.

Benefits of living in South Korea

South Korea on the other hand also has many benefits worth mentioning. Their society is similar to ours in that they are materialistically better off. Their education can actually be used to better themselves and express themselves freely without fear of reprimand. There are also countless more job opportunities available in South Korea and more employment freedom than in North Korea.

The verdict

It should be mentioned that while education is good, it does not benefit a person unless he or she is permitted to use that education for the betterment of their life. While North Koreans are certainly encouraged to be intelligent, they are not able to freely express themselves in the same way South Koreans are. This of course may have some security benefits, but freedom should never be sacrificed for the sake of security. It is therefore my conclusion that South Korea is a better place to live and is also the more similar country to our own western society.

Our western society has many flaws, but lack of freedom is still seen as one of the worst forms of oppression. It may seem that North Korea has a fair amount of benefits, but the country is compromised because of its totalitarian, communist system. If I had to choose to live in one of these countries, I’d choose to live in South Korea.

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