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15 Ideas For Easy Classification Essay Topics For College Students

How a classification essay works

A classification essay will generally involve sorting various things based on subjective or objective criteria. For example, you may wish to write an essay in which you objectively classify films based on how popular they were at the cinema, or in terms of box office sales. Alternatively, you may wish to rate some films objectively, based on your own opinion of them, and how good you thought they were.

As well as simply writing a list of things that you classifieds based on some sort of criteria, you can also include extra details, including introductions and conclusions.

Reading books and other material to give you some ideas

There are many places where you can find inspiration for ideas, including a wide variety of books that may specialise in providing lists on various categories. You may also find similar sources online, providing details on a wide range of different subjects.

It is worth noting that whichever source you choose to use, it is important that it is reliable, accurate, and potentially in date - especially if your paper is based on a topic that can change relatively regularly. It is also a good idea to include citations or references to any sources that you have used, so as to avoid any risks of plagiarism.

Some ideas that you can use for your own paper

  1. Classify musicians in terms of multiple number one singles and albums they’ve had
  2. Classify actors and actresses in terms of how much money they made in the previous year
  3. Classify films according to how many DVDs or Blu-ray discs they have sold
  4. Classify games consoles in terms of overall sales throughout the world
  5. Classify countries in terms of time zones
  6. Classify deserts in terms of average annual rainfall
  7. Classify mountains in terms of height
  8. Classify lakes in terms of area
  9. Rate the subjects you study in terms of your most favourite to least favourite
  10. Rate films from a certain genre based on your own point of view
  11. Rate social media in terms of user friendliness, based on your own experiences
  12. Evaluate cities you have been to in terms of nightlife
  13. Rate television drama series according to you likes and dislikes
  14. Rate music genres according to your personal taste
  15. Subjectively evaluate local restaurants and cafes that you’ve been to

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