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What Is The Impact Of Social Media In Public Relations?

“Public relations” is typically a form of employment whose sole purpose is to act as a sort of mediator. Public relations groups or individuals are tasked with handling the relationship a person or organization has with the media. For some major companies this includes a media department or spokesperson whose job it is to relay information to and from the media. But with the rise of social media the job of public relations has expanded and so too have the requirements.

Today a public relations position is not filled by a single individual. It is now filled by a group. And each member of that group is tasked with handling one or two social media sites. Social media is a way to share and disseminate information among the masses. People can use social media to connect to new friends or to re-connect with old friends. They can use social media to find jobs or to post employment opportunities within their company. Social media can be used to market a company or an upcoming event. It can be used to gather feedback from customers and reviews from clients. It is a place with endless possibilities and seemingly endless numbers of sites.

That being said the high rate of growth for popular social media sites has made it necessary for public relations to cover more ground. Instead of simply handling things such as press releases and upcoming event marketing a public relations committee must stay on top of all prominent and current social media sites to ensure information is posted regularly as a means of keeping the public aware of the company/individual. Additionally a public relations team must use social media networks to respond to any media hit. If a company issues a press release it must be linked to all necessary social media. It must be shared. It must be continually monitored so that responses to the press release can be responded to.

The concept of social media is a good one to be sure. But as it has evolved into something much more than a way to get in touch with friends and share photos it has brought with it increased responsibility and a seemingly never ending cycle of updates and work. Companies and individuals alike now must employ public relations firms or individuals to stay current on the latest social media and to help them craft and cater their communications with and image with the media.

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