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Creating A Brilliant 500-Word Essay On Youth Violence

Youth violence is a difficult topic to cover when you are writing an essay. So much information on the subject is available that one of the hardest parts of your work might be keeping within the 500-word limit. Strangely enough the word limit is the key to creating your brilliant essay. How do you make your paper shine out from all the others that your teacher has to mark?

There is no lack of advice on how to write an essay and if you want to create brilliant work you have to learn to distinguish the good advice from the bad.

Basic tips on writing a good essay

  • When you are first given the topic make absolutely sure you understand what you are being asked to do. If you have any doubt at all, ask questions until you are sure you have it clear.
  • Is there a part of Youth Violence that interests you? Research your topic carefully and find a point that you want to know more about. Remember that the best work is produced when the writer’s enthusiasm is engaged.
  • Construct your thesis statement carefully.
  • Outlines are an essay writer’s best friend. They help you line up your information so you know if you have too much or too little to support your argument.
  • How do you like to work? Do you write straight through starting with the introduction or do you work out what you need to say in the body paragraphs first and then write your introduction and conclusion. Some people like to work one way, some the other. If you want to produce a good paper, work out the best method for you.
  • Never assume your first draft is good enough to be handed in. Always edit, checking over your grammar and spelling.

Some areas of interest to consider

  1. Bad parenting
  2. Violent movies video games or television shows
  3. Do youth clubs help stop the crimes?
  4. Gang culture
  5. Drugs

How to create your brilliant essay

Here is how the word count helps. Overwrite your paper to about 600 or even 700 words. Make sure you leave it for at least 24 hours. Then take your work and cut. Cut out all the adverbs and adjectives. Tighten all your phrases. By the time you have cut your work down to 500 words then your work will be crisp and clean – sparkling even.

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