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The 10 Best Informative Essay Topic Ideas For College

If you are tasked with writing an informative essay for college, your purpose is to inform your audience about something. You can select from any number of topics. Consider the 10 topics below:

  1. You can write about how the healthcare system works in America
  2. You can explain computer viruses
  3. You can write an informative essay on global warming including what it is, causes, effects, why it matters
  4. You can explain the game of tennis
  5. You can craft an essay on organ donations including what it means, who can do it, what doctors need in terms of time and legal paperwork
  6. You can produce an essay that explains professional photography, including how to become a photographer, what it entails, what it pays
  7. You can write about poverty
  8. You can write on obesity
  9. You can write about hybrid cars
  10. You can write about graphic design

If none of these pique your interest, you can always follow the additional steps listed below to try and find something that you enjoy more:

  • Reviewing your course material is a great way to find information that you can use for your topic. Look over the headings and subheadings and anything that you may have highlighted or noted in your book. Perhaps there was something that you previously covered in another course or earlier in this course which you wanted to learn more about that at the time were unable to because of time constraints. This may very well be your opportunity.

  • Another thing you can do is to build a concept map or use a technique such as mind mapping to explore a general topic and see what areas you want to review more in depth.

  • Look at local news to see what they've recently covered and see if anything piques your interest. You may find that a general new story intrigues you and you want to further explore the story in the form of an essay.

  • You will be much more motivated to conduct thorough research if you are genuinely interested in the topic that you select. If you are given the freedom to select whatever topic you so choose try and relate the topic to something that is personally relevant or something that is tied to a personal experience. If you do not have any personal interest in a topic which is assigned to you, Tribeca topic that you want to learn more about.

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