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Are Children Smarter Or More Socialized Because Of The Internet?

The internet and technology have emerged as the most used services in the modern world. In a way or another, almost all human actions are depended on computers or other sorts of technology. The fast growth in technology has exposed most young children to the use of internet. In fact, almost every child in present world has iPod or tablet or has got access to internet on daily basis. This leads to question whether internet has helped children to be smart, or has just increased socialization. Actually, everyday children are busy on the internet, but the question remains, are they learning anything, or they are socializing with their peers?

Significance of Internet

The internet provides children with various reliable sources for their researches and academic work. The internet provides a broad range of study materials from scholars which are very significant in enhancing the knowledge of the children. This encourages children to invest much of their time in researching and analyzing other people’s work. There are endless and reliable information offered to children through the use of internet. It is for this reason that most people believe that; generally, internet is assisting children to become smarter.

Effects of Internet

However, the internet offers children with various social media such as Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, and you tube which are so tempting and often interrupts children concentration when doing their research over the internet. Children tend to spent much of their study time on these social media, and thus having less time to concentrate on their academics work. Children ends been addictive to these social media which not only negatively affects their academics but also distorts their mental development. In fact, most young promising children have ended up been failures in life due to addition to social media offered by internet.

Additionally, since anybody can post whatever he or she feels like, most of the information provided in the internet is distorted and unreliable. As a result, children who do not go deep into analyzing and comparing various works by different individuals might end up acquiring wrong or distorted information.

The over reliance on internet has made most children become too lazy with their homework. Instead of most children use the internet to get the answers for their homework. However, although they end up performing very well in their homework, when they are given tests they fail severely. Though internet very significant in the modern world, it is very destructive on children development, and thus does not help children to become smarter.

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