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Slavery In India

Slavery in India may be a bigger problem than most understand. It is estimated that millions of children and adults are living in some form of slavery today. Supposedly, the country has the most cases of human slavery in the world. A number of elements are continuing to contribute to the problem such as human trafficking, forced labor, sexual exploitation and forced marriages. While slavery is known to be a problem in certain parts of the world, rates in India continue to remind modern society it is still a huge problem no matter where you live in the world.

Studies have looked into reasons why this continues to occur including problems inside and outside of India. Some advocacy groups feel society is partly to blame for the problem. Not enough people are stepping up to the plate to put a stop to it. Such groups feel more needs to be done by the government, civil society and people in general. Unfortunately, studies have shown slavery activity in the country has increased by over 20 percent in recent years. While a large number of people remain in some form of slavery in the country, many wonder what could be done to end it.

Few people feel the situation is not being looked at thoroughly. Of course, it is easy to say a number of people are being forced against their will to perform acts they don’t want to. But, some researchers think it is difficult to really understand the extent of the slavery occurring. This is due to a number of reasons. Some people may have been a slave for years and have become accustomed to being treated poorly. There could be forms of slavery not known to the public. There are different types of slavery that may require more authority than what the country has on hand.

There is a general idea of how long this has been going on but people outside of the country looking in want to know why this is continuing to get worse? What have people done to escape living this way and what do people have to go through if they want out? It will take time to actually measure the amount of slavery in the country and to figure out the way to tackle the issue. For the meantime, people who are against it continue to pray for those who are being forced against their will.

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