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Searching For A Well-Written IB Extended Essay Example

It is usually expected that an extended IB (International Baccalaureate) essay is around 4000 words so it’s not an essay length that is familiar task for most students. One of the best ways to learn about extended IB essays is by looking at examples that have some connected to the topic that you may like to write about.

IB essays like most extended essays will be catalogued at your school and you can acquire copies of examples through your tutor or librarian.

Sometimes the topic of the IB essay examples available at school may not link with what you want to write about or there just may not a large enough selection for you to gain the knowledge you want. In this case it may be a good idea to look online.

What to look for in the example papers:

  • Methodology
  • Topics that were chosen
  • Comments made by the tutor who marked the work.

Even if your school has a selection of IB papers for you to study, you will find a bigger selection online, and it is free.

  • You will be able to see different levels of essays such as outstanding and good. If you get hold of an IB essay that is a poor grade you will be able to learn from the marking tutors comments ‘what you should not do’. So this is very much a learning situation.
  • .You will be able to see a great variety of topics that what is available in school. You will also be able to make comparison of papers that have been written about similar topics. There may even be topics that cover a similar topic to the one you wish to write.
  • You will also be able to observe how the writers (successfully or not so successful) have paced themselves with writing such a long essay. How they have been able to sustain a logical progression of ideas and still keep to the basics of a good instruction, main and conclusion.
  • When these extended essays which are available are well-written, and you can tell that because of the comments and grading from the teachers, you are in a perfect position to see what is required for you to produce a well-written extended essay.

It is advised that a 4000 word essay should take around 40 hours to write. Remember that you need to produce an essay that is well-written and well presented.

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