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How To Get A Plagiarism-Free Custom Essay Online

I must confess that I do not support the practice of buying essays and other school projects online. Someone else’s work will never show how hard you have worked or what you have learned. You are shortcutting your chance to show your teacher/professor that you have learned the material assigned and that you are able to synthesize it and present it in a clear and interesting manner.

That said,

If I had had the money and inclination to buy an essay while in college, I would have seriously considered it. The workload from school, work, and trying to maintain a social life of any kind can be difficult. If I could have only written two term papers instead of three, the two I wrote might have been better than they were.

Buying that essay

If you decide, for whatever reason, to buy an essay online, be careful. Always check out the website as completely as possible.

  • Is it located within the same country as you?
  • Do they have a money back guarantee?
  • Will they change the style of the essay to fit your writing style?
  • Can you contact the people or person writing your paper?
  • Will the company revise a paper after it has been delivered?
  • Make sure that the finished product you receive meets all of your guidelines and requirements.

Buying someone else work is never cheap.

This service may save you time, lower your stress level, and allow you to work on other things, but it is going to cost you. Most sites will base their cost on a few things.

  • Length
  • Deadline
  • School level (High school, Undergraduate, Masters, or Doctoral)

One website quoted me $240.00 for an undergraduate level, twelve page project due in 60 days. The same request, but due in three hours, will cost you $744.00. I would never have been able to afford these prices when I was going to school.


You most likely already know this, but it bares repeating. Plagiarism can, and most likely will, get you kicked out of a class, out of your major, and even out of your school all together.

With that in mind, treat the paper you receive as if it were plagiarized (because it is). Online you can find anti-plagiarism search engines. Their cost, most are reasonable, is lower than ruining your college career. Buying work is never my first suggestion, but be smart about it.

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