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Fundamental Tips For Composing A Winning Expository Essay Introduction

An expository essay tests your ability to reveal the details of a subject that are not clear or visible to naked eyes. It also tests your ability to capture aspects that are easily ignored. The introduction on the other hand ushers a reader into your thoughts. It gives an idea of what to expect. A poor introduction will take away the appetite to read deeper into the paper. Here are tips to make your introduction compelling.

  • Make it Brief
  • An introduction is supposed to capture the main point of your discussion. It highlights or provides hints on what to expect in the body. It should therefore be as brief as possible with the aim of arousing curiosity. Do not include your details or be tempted to summarize your ideas here. Give the reader an idea of how you are going to approach the subject.

  • Capture Attention
  • Introductions are written at the beginning of an essay for a reason. The aim is to capture the attention of the reader and entice him to dig deeper into the paper. To achieve this, you must be very selective with your words and phrasing. Ignite ideas and thoughts in the mind of the reader. Use words that arouse curiosity and make it appear as though the reader will lose something for failing to read the entire paper.

  • Use a Sample
  • The defining nature of an introduction demands that you get it right. It is not always easy to write the introduction regardless of your experience. To circumvent this challenge, you can use a sample that is proofread. As you teacher or check from the library to guarantee quality. In case you turn to the internet for a sample, ensure that it is from a credible site.

  • Contextualize
  • Your paper adds to a collection of knowledge. Use the introduction to indicate your point of entry into this mass of knowledge. This is mainly informed by your reasons or justification. Contextualizing provides an anchor for your ideas within a mass of them in your discipline.

  • Write it Last
  • Though the introduction appears at the beginning of your paper, it can be written at the end. It gives you a clear view of all the issues handled in the expository essay. Writing it at the beginning exposes you to the tedious work of making alterations since your approach may change midway through the paper. It is easier to introduce that which you already know other than intentions that might change midway.

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