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Alternative Medicine Used By Asians In North America

Asians have developed alternative medicines that have widely been used in other parts of the world other than the mainstream medicine. From 1970 following a time when President Nixon travelled to China, many people from America have familiarized themselves with oriental medicine and acupuncture. This has been through visits to practitioners or people who have done that before. Most in particular starting from 1994, the popularity of this alternative medicine has been widely known through word of mouth. This was especially with the establishment of the small mid-Hudson valley farm that was meant for the growing of Asian plants with medicinal value. Therefore, alternative medicine is no longer a new thing to Asians living in North America.

The experience by the High Falls Gardens suggests that conventional medicine has a great promise as a way for quite a number of small farms to enhance their output. According to the National health statistics, acupuncture and oriental medicine has continued to gain a lot of alternative medicine dollar, which has mainly been out-of-pocket. As visits to complementary and alternative medicine professionals reduced generally by the year 2007, there was a notable increase in the visits to acupuncture and oriental medicine. In the United States, oriental medicine now comprises of a lot more than 22,000 practitioners licensed in more than forty states. The certification is made under the Department of Education of the United States. Its prevalence has further been enhanced through the accreditation of over fifty graduate schools and many other practitioners’ associations both at the state and national level.

Americans began to comprehend how the core of oriental medicine is dietary therapy together with exercise long after acupuncture was sensationalized following the trip by Nixon to China. The enormous Chinese knowledge concerning food and its properties of healing has been documented including a lot of plant species. This documentation has been widely used in the United States. About three hundred Asian medicinal plant species have migrated all the way to North America for the past two centuries made possible through ornamental trade and botanical garden collections.

Chinese medicinal herbs have found a lot of use in America though on a small scale. Many medical professionals have continued their investigation by incorporating species in North America to Chinese group of medical plants. Most of these are related closely to Asian analogs. Definitely, alternative medicine of Asian origin has continued to gain popularity in America and more especially in North America.

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