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Kodak & Fujifilm

Today the world of films is no longer the talk in town. Many people have moved to digital cameras which instead of using films, have internal memory where you can store your photos and then print them directly from the screen of your camera. Films have now gone out of the market and only very few people that still use these films. This has lead to certain companies going bankrupt because they can no longer pay for the cost of production of their products as they do not sell much. People have taken to the digital cameras as they are easy to use and the printing process is not as complex and dangerous as those involving films. The film printing used dangerous chemicals and thus the reason why many people quickly moved to digital cameras.

The Fall of Kodak

In the old days, Kodak was the market leader in the film industries. It controlled the market and was enjoyed quite a large customer base. Kodak had quality products and its products were expensive than any other substitutes. Despite them being expensive, customers bought them as Kodak had greatly penetrated the market and was preferred for its quality. Fuji was inferior and trailed Kodak. Kodak was the only company that had equipments that were used to print pictures stored in films. Even when photos were on any other film, they were printed using Kodak machines. When digital photography set in, Kodak was still enjoying a large customer base. They had a great chance of moving to digital photography and were assured of taking a good number of their customers with them. They however thought that they controlled the customers and opted not to move. Kodak had invested a lot in the mystery printing and had arrangements to have pictures delivered to customers after printing. Digital processing however put all these abilities in the customers’ hands. There was no need for the mysterious printing processes. Kodak was however adamant and did not change with people. It was thrown out of business and it is now not a big name anymore.

Fuji Embraced Change

Fuji graced the digital photography and moved in to that line of business. They dint not stick to controlling the customer but followed what technology was offering. Fuji had always played second to Kodak. Its prices and quality were always ranked second in the film industry. When they moved and Kodak remained adamant, Fuji was able to win new customers. It took over the place that was initially held by Kodak. It even won the hearts of Kodak customers and now it controls the digital photography.

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