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Toyota is a Japanese motor vehicle corporation founded during the 1930s by Kiichiro Toyoda. It is estimated the company produces roughly 10 million vehicles annually and was the first motor vehicle company to do so. The car company is known for creating models such as Lexus and Scion. The company has produced a number of vehicles millions of people rely on. Besides developing and producing automobiles the brand specializes in leasing, banking and financing. Even though the company has had its share of turmoil, consumers have a love hate relationship that continues to keep the company productive on various levels.

People like Toyota vehicles for their versatility and affordability. Vehicles such as their 4-door sedans are good for commuting. Their SUVs (sport utility vehicles) have become great for family cars. The company provides a good selection of vehicles for people to choose from. They seem to stay on top of customer needs as time moves forward. They have stiff competition from other car makers including GM (General Motors) and Ford (Ford Motor Company). Even though the company has had a few safety issues many people feel their cars are reliable and safe on the road.

People dislike Toyota partly for bad press it has received. Some may feel their vehicles are overpriced, but few claim they would never own one due to reports of accidents and deaths from mass recalls. The company has been in the spotlight in recent years because of recalls. Some vehicles may have had a part of feature that needs replacement. A large number of vehicles have been included in their recalls. Consumers wonder why so many vehicles do not have a part it should have, or why the vehicle may not function correctly if or when something goes wrong.

Overall, Toyota is a brand that has seen a number of changes over the years to keep up with consumer demands. The automotive company has a huge collection of vehicles they are proud to produce. It is interesting to see how the company has progressed over the years when you look at photographs of earlier vehicle models and compare them to modern designs. When people want a practical vehicle that will help them accomplish regular tasks such as going to work, taking kids to school and running errands, they feel confident their Toyota vehicle will help them get where they need to go.

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