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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born in the year 1856 in the midst of a ranging lighting storm in Croatia to an Orthodox Church priest. The circumstances surrounding his birth were so strange that the mid-wife declared that the child would be sad. Somehow, some of his life’s circumstances seemed to reflect her sentiments. From his life and the things he invented, he was talented and had a genius mind that may never be seen in anyone else in the world.

Tesla could make observations that puzzled everyone around him. He had the ability to memorize a whole book and pick up languages with ease. At only the age of 19 years, he was one of the engineering students at the Polytechnic Institute at Graz. Intellectually, he was different from other students, and would hold debates with his professor over the issues in the direct current motors taught in class. He spent a number of years of his life thinking electromagnetic field, which affected school work. He did not even finish his studies because of these thoughts and gambling habits. At some point, he suffered a nervous breakdown.

Having recovered from the nervous breakdown, he moved to Budapest. It was during one of his visits to the park that he got a vision and developed the popular Tesla’s alternating current. He was hired by Thomas Edison after a recommendation from his previous employer. This did not end well because Edison did not pay anything even after Tesla improved his DC generation plants. He quite the job and started digging ditches. However, because of genius AC motor invention, he got a job at Westinghouse Company. After his inventions were patented, stiff competition rose from Thomas Edison’s company. To deal with the problem, the Westinghouse Company offered him millions of money for his royalties.

Just before the 20th century, he invented coils, commonly known as Tesla coils, which could generate high voltages and frequencies. He also proposed the idea of wireless globe to J.P Morgan, who went ahead and built a giant transmission plant for the idea. Soon afterwards, it was discovered that Tesla's money was running out. It was an unfortunate turn out of events as he started battling with court cases and as he began to withdraw from the world. At some point in 1912, he showed signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. He would never recover from the condition and ended up in huge debts. However, even after his death in 1943, his inventions were recognized in many places and continue to appeal to many people up to date.

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