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A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics On Pros And Cons Of Uniforms

For years, the issue of uniforms was very controversial. If we ask any student he will say that he does not like it and that he does not want to wear it. On the other hand, professors think that it is one of the best things that we can do if we want to make students feel equal. The truth is somewhere in the middle, and you can discuss all about this in your persuasive essay. You can convince your classmates that your idea is correct, and maybe even make some changes in your school. This list of topics will be inspiring:

  • How does uniform make you feel? You can write this from your own point of view, or you can collaborate with other students to create a complex essay. Either way, you have to write about the feeling that you have when you wear it. Does it help you or make you feel bad?
  • Freedom of expression. Every human being is allowed to wear the clothes they want, but this does not apply in school. Do you think that this is a way of taking away your freedom, and forcing you to follow some unjust rules?
  • Equality. In some schools, uniforms are obligatory so the students will be dressed equally. Can this be a way to prevent bullying and discrimination in school? In the end, not everyone has money to buy expensive clothes and accessories.
  • Fashion style. Like it or not, students are very attached to their clothes. They spend hours trying to find something to wear, and they can be depressed all day long if they don’t like their outfit. When they are obligated to wear what they don’t like, they will become depressed or they will adapt?
  • Cutting clothing costs. This is one of the great benefits of this. Parents do not have to spend a small fortune for “school clothes” every year. They will buy the clothes that are given by the school, and that is all.
  • Representing the school. Even if you like your uniform or not, you have to admit that you feel proud of it. Other people will know where you study, and they will know how much you worked to be accepted there. Besides, if you ever go to a competition between schools, you will proudly show your clothes in front of others.

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