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List Of Winning Argumentative Essay Topics On Social Issues

Argumentative essays choose a side regarding a controversial issue and then work to prove that side. They are written slightly different than other essays because they not only present a case for the main point but they also include a rebuttal piece. This is where the opposing view is discussed and formally addressed.

The topic that you choose for this paper is important. You want to make sure that you choose a social issue that affects you personally or that you feel strongly about. For example, maybe you feel strongly that the minimum wage should be increased because you work really hard and still have trouble paying your bills. Or maybe you feel the exact opposite because you have gotten an education and you don’t want someone without one to make the same as you just because the minimum wage is raised. If this is a topic that you feel strongly about, you can write your paper on that.

It is important to also choose a topic that you can come up with some solid reasons why you support one side or the other. You should shoot for three and also have an idea of how the opposition’s idea is incorrect. That means that you may need to come up with four specific reasons why you support it and an opposing view.

Here are some ideas of social issues that you may discuss in your paper

  1. Use of medical marijuana
  2. Minimum wage
  3. Extremism
  4. Immigration
  5. Community policing
  6. Genetically modified food
  7. US deficit
  8. Social media and privacy
  9. Same sex marriage
  10. Texting and driving

Once you have an idea of what you want to write your paper on, you will need to make a plan on how you will present it. Here is an example of an outline:

  • Introduction: information on texting and driving
  • Thesis: Texting and driving should have the same penalties as driving while intoxicated.
  • Reason one: it impairs your reaction time
  • Reason two: it can cause accidents
  • Reason three: it has killed many people
  • Opposing view: texting while driving is not as dangerous as driving intoxicated
  • Rebuttal: at least when you are driving intoxicated you are looking at the road
  • Conclusion: statistic on how many people died last year due to texting while driving

This is how you will set your paper up and write an excellent argumentative essay on a social issue facing our society today.

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