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Irish War Of Independence

The Irish war of Independence was a guerrilla war which took place between 1919 in 1921. This war took place between the Irish Republican Army and the British security forces that were currently stationed in Ireland. The war escalated to an Irish revolutionary period of war which lasted over two years.

In 1918 there was an election held in Ireland the results of which indicated that the Irish Republic party one in a landslide? Following this victory the Irish Republican Party formed a breakaway government in this breakaway government declared independence from Great Britain. Later that day to members of the royal Irish police were shot dead. Typically such violence is seen as the beginning of a conflict and in this case it was true. For much of the year 1919 the IRA captured weapons and would free republican prisoners. In September 1919 the British government outlawed the winner of the Irish elections and the freedom to rebel which caused great uproar. After this the IRA started to ambush British police and army patrols. They would attack barracks and forced many abandoned Military buildings to remain as such. The British government responded by adding to their ranks with recruits who were notorious for their reprisal attacks on civilians. These new recruits were called the black and tans. It was their name which led to this conflict being casually called the black and tans the war.

300 people have been killed by the time 1920 rolled around and in November 1920, bloody Sunday took place. This day is one that has lived in infamy wearing 14 British intelligence operatives were killed and as a response the British army opened fire on the crowd of football fans who were attending an afternoon match. This resulted in 65 wounded and 14 civilians killed. One week later 17 British recruits were killed by the IRA in an ambush and the government of Britain declared martial law. In December 1920 the city of cork was burned down by British forces. The next seven months violence continued to escalate with 1000 people killed. The heaviest areas of fighting word Dublin, Belfast, and cork. In fact these three locations sauce 75% of the fatalities in this conflict.

Both sides agreed to a cease-fire in the middle of 1921. The cease-fire led to the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty. It brought British rule throughout most of Ireland to an end and offered a transitional period for a provisional government.

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