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Boston Marathon Bombings

This is an unfortunate terrorist attack that occurred during April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon. Two explosions just twelve seconds apart were experienced on Boylston Street just close to the finishing line. The two blasts were 190 meters apart. After the explosions, there was followed by shooting. This was from the perpetrators as they fought with the police to find an escape route. The explosions led to the death of three people and caused injuries to 264 others. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev also died on the scene after his brother Tamerian ran him over with a getaway SUV.

Man Haunt for Tamerian

A short while after the explosions, the FBI released images of the two Tsarnaev brothers as the main suspects in the bombings. Since Dzhokhar died at the scene, a manhunt for Tamerian was organized. A curfew was issued in a twenty blocks area around Watertown. Temerian had been shot twice by the police when they were involved in a gunfight trying to get a police SUV for their getaway car. There was no traffic, and the public transport system was paralyzed for some time, businesses and public places around the town were shut down. The urban areas were thus deserted. Police went on to look for Temerian and found him hiding in a boat in his backyard. He was short, but it was not clear if he was armed. He was later on rushed to the hospital. In an interview at the hospital, he opened to the police that his brother was the mastermind of the attack. He also said that they were not affiliated with any terrorist groups. He said that they had made the explosives using the information they had read from an al-Qaeda-affiliated magazine. He said that their motivation was drawn from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The reaction of Russia

The following year, Russia was hosting the Olympics games. They thus were concerned about what would happen to bear in mind that the two brothers were of the Russian origin. The Russian government was, however, keen to state that they had warned the US government of the two brothers. They had requested the FBI to investigate about the two brothers and give feedback to the Russian government. Russian had recorded a call between the two brothers and their mother. There was, however, no much evidence to implicate the two brothers then. Russia was; however, keen to tighten the security measures in preparedness for the coming Winter Olympics.

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