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Table Tennis

Table Tennis as the name suggests is a game that is played on a hard table. The table is separated into two using a net. The game is played from both sides of the table by the players. The players may be two or four. The game involves hitting the ball so it goes across the net on the hard table. A score for the opponent side is made if an event of failure to return ball. Table Tennis is a fast game as it is played with some speed. Ping Pong is another name for Table Tennis. Table Tennis game has its origin in England. In 1985, that’s when Table Tennis became a professional Olympic Game. Over time, the rules of Table Tennis have been changing since the invention of the game. Table Tennis is one of the most flexible games and can also be played indoors at work places during breaks and also at home. The game can be played in doubles or singles.

Table Tennis: Earning Scores

There are several different ways in which players or teams earn scores in Table Tennis. Obstruction of the ball by the opponent is one of the ways of earning a score. Another way of earning or making a score in Table Tennis is failure of the opponent in return to make a correct or right service. If after the service, the ball is not struck by the opponent but does not touch or fall on the net assembly, then one earns a score in the game. If an opponent is warned but repeats the same foul previously committed, a team or a player earns a score. If a strike on the ball by the opponent is by use of the racket part that is uncovered with rubber, the player earns a score. Touching of the net and the net assembly by the opponent earns a player a score in Table Tennis.

Table Tennis: Defensive Strokes

One of the defensive Strokes is the push. A player tries to make the ball float on the table. This is difficult to return. In a block stroke, the shot is very simple but can be very devastating and difficult for the opponent. It is not easy to return. The lob is very impressive as the ball may go to raised heights and thus the opponent may find his hard to return. A chop may also be hard to return.

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