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Essay Prompts For College Admission: 20 Common Questions

Are you trying to get into college and are wondering what title you should come up with for the college admission? Then you have to consider the different titles that are out there, and if you are stuck then take the time to read the rest of the article for some suggestions. You’ll find that when you select a difficult title you’ll be able to show off your creative side a lot better than if you were to select an easy title. Here are some of the top possible titles that you could do for your college admission essay:

  1. How the global warming crisis can be avoided in the future?
  2. What can be done to decrease the chances of kids failing in school?
  3. How can we as a society be more health conscious about the food we eat?
  4. What are the top 3 reasons for why we do not look after our health?
  5. What can be done to decrease the number of people throwing rubbish on the floor?
  6. Why is the difference in quality of life around the world so big?
  7. What can be done to increase the number of people entering higher education?
  8. How we as a society learn more to increase our understanding of the obesity problem?
  9. Is the obesity problem getting out of control?
  10. What kind of person should be the next president of the US?
  11. Is there a limit to how many cars can be on the planet?
  12. Who are the top sports people in the world today?
  13. Why is it so hard to start a business online
  14. How can we help each other to become better people?
  15. What are the drawbacks of using cars for transportation?
  16. How long before the next president of the US will be a woman?
  17. Who should we turn to for help when bullied?
  18. How can we work together to get rid of racism?
  19. What can be done to decrease air pollution?
  20. Is the quality of education in high school good enough?

These are just some of the titles that you can attempt, and if you think about it there are many more questions that can be chosen for your college admission essay. The point is to impress regardless of the nature of the question.

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