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The American Revolution

The United States War for Independence was during the period between 1775 and 1783. This was a major eye opener for many other colonies. After America had attained its independence, many other countries started to push for independence to. The great revolution war was triggered by the conflict between the Great Britain’s residents living and other thirteen of its colonies. Citizens of these countries were in constant conflict with the British colonial government asking for better representation in parliament and equal treatment. The primary thing that was being protested by the colonies was Britain’s attempt to raise revenue by imposing the tax on its colonies. In the year 1770, British soldiers opened and used fire on a mob of colonists and killed five people in commonly the Boston Massacre. The full war was ranged in 1775. In 1778, France joined the war, and this shifted the whole thing from a Civil War into an international conflict. Through help from France, America was able to win for independence by 1781. This, however, did not formally put to the end the war until in 1783.

Impact of War on Britain

By the end of the War, Britain was in shock. It lost thirteen of its colonies. This was a major blow. They now knew that they were up against very strong enemies. Britain did not have any allies in the War, and they had to pay thousands of German soldiers who were a bit expensive for them. This, however, was not a major hit on them as it was for France. British had a sophisticated finance system. Forty percent of the money they used to finance the war was borrowed. In the 1770s, British collected over twelve percent of the total GDP in taxes. They also had a system through which owners of the large plantations in Britain supported the war through contributions. Another strategy the government used was delayed payment for the soldiers, suppliers and those involved in the war. They put off payment and promised better pay at the end of the war when things and the economy looked up.

Women involvement in the war

Women were not actively involved in the Revolutionary politics and the war itself. They, however, helped in the war through the change in domestic behavior. This led to them boycotting all British goods. They were also used to spy on British soldiers, tend soldiers, cook, wash and deliver secret messages. Some of the women were involved in direct fighting disguised as men.

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