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Pope John Paul 2

Pope John Paul 2 was the most unlikely candidate for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. What astonishes many is how he so quickly rose to prominence. His was a humble beginning as a polish boy in a small town having been born to a retired army officer. His mother died of heart failure and his brother from scarlet fever. It is however his leader ship skills that that made him a global spiritual leader to serve the world. We can learn a lot from his life as a servant of the people.

The first thing is that he loved knowledge. He had two doctorates and had studied theology when he was named auxiliary bishop of Krakow in 1958. He teaches us that leaders are readers and they must first of all seek knowledge of the world, one self and beyond. Pope Paul 2 studied philosophy and literature. He was also a poet and a ply writer. He believed that if you spent at least an hour reading up in your field end applying that knowledge, then within a period of five years you would be an expert in that field. During his time as the chaplain of the University of Krakow, he spent a lot of time counseling and offering mentorship to students. He also valued his own company and often took time to be alone and read, reflect and pray.

Pope John Paul 2 shows strong humility when he elected as the pope in 1978 when he downplays the royal formal papal coronation and instead settles for a simple inauguration ceremony. He still does not use royal plural “we” and instead refers to himself plainly as “I”. His simple and honest way of communication was liked by many people and he did not seem to be trapped in the power and its symbols. He showed himself as a real servant of God. He showed the whole world that leaders are humble and that it is not right to isolate yourself from the rest of the world after you get a promotion. He teaches us that leaders should make themselves available to the people that they serve.

Throughout his life, Pope John Paul 2 showed the trait of a rebel with a cause. His message “Be not afraid” to the people and especially those in power is one that should be embraced by all so as to make the world a better place. He was a champion of humanity and a torch bearer for social justice. Learning from him is important and wise thing to do.

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