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Sustainable Development And Responsible Use Of Tourism In Thailand

Tourism may have brought variety of problems in Thailand. But with the rise of environmentalism different industries have become involved in taking care of the environment. This shows that tourist and the tourism sector shows maturity and understanding. Long- term planning is considered and new strategies of tourism are being implemented. The most important result of this reevaluation has been the discovery of the significance of the sustainable development idea of tourism. The idea of sustainable development involves a long lineage in the area of resource management and this has become accepted by the Thailand’s tourism department. Sustainability is simply described as meeting the requirements of the present without interrupting the resources of future generations. This concept is applied to all tourism sectors in the world. It requires a long-term view of economic activity, assessment of continued economic development, and it guarantees that the use of tourism will not exceed to the country’s ability to provide resources. This means that there should be a limit for the use of resources in able to meet present and future demands. In the past decades, tourism sectors provide low priority on the concept of sustainable development. But because of the pressure imposed for a more responsible tourism, industries have no other choice but to comply. Policies and regulations are implemented and this has been a way to responsible consumption and sustainable development.

It is very hard not to support the concept of responsible consumption and sustainable development in tourism. It should be considered that the link between economics, society, and environment is complex. Economic policy is frequently determined at the national or local level but the effect of policy is sensed at the environment and society’s local level.

It is possible that the main issues rising from this part are the slow shift of short- term to long- term planning in tourism. The exploit of resources is no longer acceptable. In addition, there is a demand to change tourism’s terminology; it requires to be related with sustainable and responsible.

Over the previous years, the focus of tourism is to provide for the needs of tourists. This performance is considered by developers and investors to gain large numbers of tourists and ensure financial return on their investments. In addition, politicians also maximize the monetary benefits of tourism because they believe that this will help the growth of their economy. Both investors and politicians are mainly focused on how to attract large numbers of visitors and so that they will be able to meet the demands of tourist. With the rise of different problems, both investors and politicians became aware of the long- term planning that will benefit people, economy, and environment.

Tourism brought positive and negative effects in Thailand. Careful planning and policy development is very helpful to lessen or remove the negative consequences of tourism. Tourism can bring many positive impacts as long as it will be used wisely. The main concern now is, can the government, investors, and citizens adapt to the challenge and become a truly responsible individuals that will bring long-term benefits to all without interrupting the resources.

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