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Academic Writing Solutions: Linking Words For A Compare And Contrast Essay

When you are tasked with a compare/contrast essay, linking words are a great way to write a good paper. Writing transitions can be quite difficult. Good transitions help to connect your paragraphs and turn something that is disconnected into something that is unified. Rather than treating each paragraph as a separate idea, transition can allow your readers to understand how each paragraph works with one another and how they all contribute to your larger point. The key to creating good transitions is being able to highlight the connections between each of your paragraphs. By referencing in one paragraph the information that was obtained in a previous paragraph the writer is able to see how each of your paragraphs correspond.

One good way to continue is to pick up where another paragraph left off. You can use phrases and keywords from the last sentence to draw connection and transition into the next.

Transitional devices act as a bridge. They also act as a cue to your reader that they are moving from one thought to another, but without having to break their line of focus or reasoning. These are words or phrases that help bring the readers mind from one thought to another so that there is no abrupt stop or break in between the presentation of your ideas.

If you want to queue to your readers that you were going to add something to a topic, you can include transitional words such as:

  • And
  • Again
  • Equally important
  • Next
  • Lastly
  • Besides
  • Furthermore
  • Nor

If you want to cue to your readers that you were going to compare something you can use transitional devices such as:

  • Whereas
  • However
  • Compared to
  • But
  • Although
  • Meanwhile
  • However
  • Nonetheless

If you want to indicate to your readers that you were going to prove something you can use words such as:

  • Because
  • Evidently
  • Furthermore
  • Indeed
  • In addition
  • Since
  • In fact

If you want to show to your reader that there is an exception you can use the following transitional words:

  • However
  • In spite of
  • Sometimes
  • Still
  • Nonetheless

If you want to provide an example to your reader you can include the following transitional words:

  • For instance
  • In another case
  • In the situation
  • To demonstrate
  • As an illustration
  • Take the case of
  • For example

If you want to emphasize something to your reader you can include the following words:

  • In any case
  • Absolutely
  • Surprisingly
  • Positively
  • Emphatically
  • Definitely
  • Without reservation
  • Certainly
  • Obviously
  • Without a doubt

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