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My Possible Future Career

A future option I have often considered as a career is to become a stand up comedian. It is the kind of job I could see myself doing every day without growing tired or bored of it. However, there would be some of my personality traits I would have to change in order to take on a career like this, but I believe that these changes would be good for me. I aspire to comedians like jerry Seinfeld and Brad Garrett, who have taken their comedy careers to great heights and found lots of success.

A job I can do every day

One of the main reasons I feel I could choose stand up comedy as a career is because it is something I would never grow tired of. The nightlife associated with the industry is a big appeal to me and I am certain I would make many friends. As far as I can see, there are two main aspects to stand up comedy. The first is the writing of the jokes. This can take a long time, but I feel that I could do this quite well during my spare time. The second aspect is the performing itself. With time, I believe I could become exceptionally good at making people laugh with my jokes, and with the delivery of those jokes.

The challenges I need to overcome

One obstacle to my future career is that I have stage fright. Speaking in front of large crowds is something I’ve never been comfortable with. However, I have heard that many comedians have the same problem and that they overcame this obstacle because they loved comedy so much.

Learning from the mistakes of others

If I ever became a comedian, I would be careful not to fall into the same traps as many others. Comedians often let fame and fortune get to their heads, resulting in drug abuse, family breakups, and even death. Robin Williams is a good example of this. A man with so much talent ended up severely addicted to alcohol, and is now dead because of his various addictions.

Choosing a career should not be done lightly. I feel as if I have thought this through quite well and settled on a career that will be enjoyable to me, but still challenge me in some of my shortcomings. I have no doubt that it is hard work being a stand up comedian, but my love for the industry will keep me engaged in it for life.

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