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The Arabian Gulf And Pollution

The Arabian Gulf

The Arabian Gulf is more commonly known as the Persian Gulf. It encompasses the Mediterranean Sea in the western part of Asia and it acts as an extension of the vast Indian Ocean.

There are a variety of countries situated on the Arabian Gulf’s coastline. These include Iran, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq.

Pollution in the Arabian Gulf

The pollution in the Arabian Gulf is largely a result of heavy metals and a variety of organic substances. The pollution can be divided into three main types, the marine and costal pollution, soil pollution, and air pollution. These all have a range of sources and a large impact on the human health and marine life in the area.


The Arabian Gulf is largely polluted by toxic metals and hydrocarbon contaminants located in petroleum. Tanker incidents, off shore exploration for oil, spills that are a result of various wars and an increased development of agriculture, as well as land based urban and industrial sources, are just some examples of the sources of pollutants that enter the Arabian Gulf.

In the last thirty years, the Arabian Gulf has suffered through three wars. In 1991, these wars caused an oil spill, considered to be the largest in history. This spill led to large quantities of heavy metal being dispersed into the water, and has affected marine life heavily.

Effect of pollutants

Scientists have shown how the species in the Arabian Gulf are functioning close to their physiological limits. The added stress of the pollutants is going to have an effect. The sea food found is used not only by locals, but also exported abroad and so the consequences of the pollutants will also affect the socio-economic factors in the surrounding areas. The water in the Gulf is also used by locals for both industrial and domestic uses and so keeping the pollutants to a minimum is of added importance. As a result of trade, the pollution will have an effect on the human population in most of the world.

The pollutants have also affected the atmosphere in the area causing elevated temperatures, increased evaporation rates and Ultra-violent exposure. These conditions make it less likely for contaminants to disperse quickly, making it harder for the eco system to survive. In the long term this will all have a detrimental effect on the fragile ecosystem.

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