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What Am I Supposed To Mention In A College Definition Essay On Family?

When asked to write a definition essay about the family, a lot comes to mind. There are different institutions and schools of thought that define the family differently. What then are you supposed to mention in order to make your paper captivating?

  • Definition
  • This being definition writing, the first act should be to define the term. The term ‘family’ has been defined on multiple occasions. Refer to a credible dictionary, encyclopedia, personality, etc. This creates a foundation or a familiar starting point for your arguments. Make quotations and include the citations to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Since there different definitions of the same term, include them in your introduction. Though some do not align with your point of view, include them. This provides a platform to negate or concur with these writers.

  • Identify
  • A college essay on family requires you to identify or provide examples for your definition. Identification means mentioning the composition in a clear and understandable way. Identify different people and their roles to provide a justification why it should be referred to as a family. There are instances where the roles might be played by persons of different genders. Make clear what defines a family in terms of roles, gender, responsibilities, etc.

  • Uniqueness
  • There are factors that differentiate a family from any other unit. In fact, there are groups that are defined or refer to themselves as families yet they are not traditionally composed. You therefore have a responsibility to identify the unique aspects that make a union or group to be defined as a family in your essay.

  • Social Perspective
  • The idea of a family does not exist in isolation. It is constructed and supported by social structures. The interesting bit is that societies vary in their understanding of issues. Identify the variations in social perspectives and how they have been accepted or denied in the wider global setup. This is the best way to provide a holistic understanding of the topic.

  • Personal Views
  • An essay is an opportunity to express personal views on a subject. It makes no sense to regurgitate the views and ideas of other people. Thus, take the chance to give personal touch to the idea of the family and support the assertion with logical examples.

An essay on definition of a family might appear easy but it requires tact to complete. As controversial as the subject is, take the opportunity to give personal views. All the definitions should be in context and supported by strong examples.

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